About us

We are a non-profit association committed to social development with justice and equality. Since 2008, we have been working on the prevention of gender violence in alliance with public and private institutions and populations in Junín, Huancavelica and metropolitan Lima.

Institutional Information

Registry Item No. 12161277
RUC: 20493140516
Recognized by the Peruvian Agency for International Cooperation (APCI) with Executive Director Resolution 371-2009 / APCI-DOC. 09.11.2009. Renewal of validity according to Executive Director Resolution N ° 499-2016 / APCI - DOC. 12.09.2016


Action and Development designs, implements, and validates community strategies to prevent and address gender-based violence. Action and Development undertakes this objective through training programs for adolescent women, promotion of new forms of masculinity, and through influencing local and educational policies in the areas with the highest levels of violence in Peru.


We envision a society in which women and men of all ages and conditions recognize each other as having equal rights and opportunities.


Commitment to change

We are committed to the transformation of social and cultural structures that foster gender violence.


We value the knowledge, resources, and potential of communities. Based on this, we establish alliances for joint work.


We believe that it is as important to empower women in the exercise of all their rights, as it is to strengthen the capacities of men to be part of the solution against violence.


We value the cultural identities of the people and organizations we engage with. We seek mutual learning, reflection, and questioning about customs that may affect the rights of men, women, boys, and girls.

Management Team

Ermelinda Rafael Peña

Executive President


Yanet Palomino Madueño

Director of Cooperation Relations and Public Image

Foto Pilar

Pilar Rodríguez Castillo

Director of Economics


César Castro Montesinos

Director of Programs and Projects

Our Programs

We consider gender violence to be a problem with multiple causes. Therefore, it is also necessary to face it with differentiated responses, which can produce favorable and sustainable changes. That is why, in order to achieve our institutional mission, we organize our work in three programs. Each one of them aims to address key issues for the reduction of gender violence.

Gender and Violence Program

We assume that the basis of gender violence is inequality between men and women, rooted in social institutions, and reinforced by a culture that devalues women and puts them in a subordinate position with respect to men. From this point of departure, our institution considers it necessary to develop interventions that question and remove beliefs, discourses, models and messages that impede the equal relationship between men and women in the different stages of their development.

Entrepreneurship for life Program

For a life free of violence and with full exercise of rights, it is important that people have the skills to function on their own and make sound decisions in order to ensure their proper development and well-being. This program seeks to generate conditions for the autonomy of women, children, adolescents and young people, assuming entrepreneurship as a generating tool for the changes necessary to build a successful future, without violence or discrimination.

Citizenship and Political Participation Program

Women have traditionally been excluded from political decision-making spaces, which is why it is necessary to promote their participation and representation in this sphere, to make it possible for them, in dialogue with local and regional authorities, to propose, specify and monitor actions that contribute to a life free of violence and with equal rights. This program strengthened among leaders and socially excluded groups, capacities for effective citizen and political participation from a gender perspective, while involving and mobilizing public institutions and social organizations in function of this purpose.

Collectives and Networks

Regional Council for Women of Junín

Governing body for the formulation of gender equity and equality policies in the region, made up of representatives from the 9 provinces. Since its establishment, the institution has assumed a technical and conceptual advisory role. Currently, he is part of the technical secretariat.

Collective November 25

Network made up of various NGOs and women's organizations committed to the eradication of gender violence in Peru. Annually, it is mobilized to reach the State proposals for attention, prevention and punishment of violence against women.

Song to Life Collective

Group of organizations of the women's movement, feminist movement and institutions of civil society, which carry out joint actions of public and political impact in the framework of the International Women's Day (March 8).

Interinstitutional Network for Nonviolence towards Women in the District of San Juan de Lurigancho

Conformed by public institutions and civil society that develop joint actions that allow to increase the impact of their projects and influence politically more effectively.

Childhood Copera

The Peruvian Community of Early Childhood Learning - COPERA Infancia, is a network that focuses its work on the documentation of learning and advocacy at the regional and national levels. We have been a member of its Board of Directors and are currently partners and operating unit in the Junín region.


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