Entrepreneurship for life program

For a life free of violence and with full exercise of rights, it is important that people have the skills to function on their own and make sound decisions in order to ensure their proper development and well-being. This program seeks to generate conditions for the autonomy of women, children, adolescents and young people, assuming entrepreneurship as a generating tool for the changes necessary to build a successful future, without violence or discrimination.


Contributions of the Program

The model of Entrepreneurial Schools was validated in the marginal urban and rural areas. In this way, a successful youth entrepreneurship strategy based on regular Basic Education educational institutions was enabled to be replicated, as a way to sustainably confront poverty and violence.

The participating schools of our projects were recognized by their respective local authorities as "pilot entrepreneurship schools". In Lima, the UGEL 05 SJL / EA made this recognition through the R.D. N ° 06204-2013-UGEL 05, while in Jauja (Junín) was done by UGEL Jauja with R.D. No. 001808-2016.

Both in the marginal urban and rural areas, entrepreneurial skills were strengthened in more than 600 high school students, who developed personal or family business projects, at the same time that life projects were carried forward, with the support of of its teachers.

Entrepreneurship management in schools was trained to more than 90 teachers in the areas of EFA and Tutoring, as well as others, such as Communication, Mathematics, Art, and History. For this purpose, the mainstreaming of the contents of the proposal in their respective curricula was worked on together.

Our "Entrepreneur Schools" model was qualified as good school practice by the Organization of American States (OAS). This strategy was disseminated and transferred to the members of the Inter-American Teacher Education Network - ITEN / OAS and an internship was held at the Ministry of Education of Santa Fe, Argentina.