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    About us

    We are a non-profit association committed to social development with justice and equality. Since 2008, we have been working on the prevention of gender violence in alliance with public and private institutions and populations in Junín, Huancavelica and metropolitan Lima.

    About us

Institutional Philosophy

  • We envision a society in which women and men of all ages and conditions recognize each other as having equal rights and opportunities.

  • Action and Development designs, implements, and validates community strategies to prevent and address gender-based violence. Action and Development undertakes this objective through training programs for adolescent women, promotion of new forms of masculinity, and through influencing local and educational policies in the areas with the highest levels of violence in Peru.

  • Commitment to change: We are committed to the transformation of social and cultural structures that foster gender violence.
    Horizontality: We value the knowledge, resources, and potential of communities. Based on this, we establish alliances for joint work.
    Inclusion: We believe that it is as important to empower women in the exercise of all their rights, as it is to strengthen the capacities of men to be part of the solution against violence.
    Respect: ValoramosWe value the cultural identities of the people and organizations we engage with. We seek mutual learning, reflection, and questioning about customs that may affect the rights of men, women, boys, and girls.

"Hemos concentrado nuestros esfuerzos, capacidades y habilidades a favor de los niños, las niñas, adolescentes, jóvenes y mujeres"

Acción y Desarrollo