Women have traditionally been excluded from political decision-making spaces. Consequently, women’s participation and representation in this sphere must now be promoted. Their participation will facilitate a dialogue with local and regional authorities where women can propose, specify, and monitor actions that lead to equality and a life free of violence. This program strengthened effective political participation in women leaders and socially excluded groups from a gender perspective, it also involved and mobilized public institutions and social organizations for this purpose.


  • Scope: San Juan de Lurigancho (Lima), Jauja (Junín)
    Cooperating entity: Inter American Foundation – IAF

    The project promoted political advocacy with the educational sector at the local and national level, to enable the replication of the model of Entrepreneurial Schools applied and validated at schools in San Juan de Lurigancho (Lima). The project encouraged the concerted action between the educational institutions, the Local Education Management Unit (UGEL) and Action and Development, with the intent of disseminating the proposal in other schools and locations. It also facilitated the validation of guides, manuals, modules, plans, etc., as instruments of the program. In this regard, the model was adapted and implemented in the Andean rural context (Jauja), seeking to demonstrate its possibilities of replication and transfer.

  • Scope: Tayacaja (Huancavelica), Jauja (Junín)
    Cooperating entity: Bernard van Leer Foundation

    The project generated interaction and synergy between authorities and provincial leaders to build alternatives for the prevention of gender violence with a greater participation of men. It strengthens the network of institutions connected to the problem, promoted networks of men committed to eliminating gender violence, and built coordinated provincial prevention plans. The project also trained civil servants to approach cases adequately.

  • Name:WOMEN IN ACTION, for the compliance of policies that support a violence-free life for women, girls and children in San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima, Peru
    Scope: San Juan de Lurigancho (Lima)
    Cooperating entity: ACSUR - Las Segovias

    The project promoted the compliance and application of national and local policies that support a violence-free life for women, girls, and boys. To this end, women who were leaders of the community, were trained and mobilized and assumed an active role as citizens, to influence local authorities and officials involved in the prevention and treatment of this problem.

  • Scope: Jauja (Junín)
    Cooperating entity: Fondo Ítalo Peruano

    This project permitted men and women in rural and suburban areas of Jauja to exercise their right of participation and political representation, and expanded opportunities for local decision-making, based on a gender agenda. It promoted the empowerment of women in the personal and family sphere and the strengthening of spaces for local concertation. It also promoted men’s leadership for the advancement of gender equality, by questioning masculinity based on discrimination and gender violence. The project also promoted the building of equitable private relationships and an egalitarian local management.

  • Scope: San Juan de Lurigancho (Lima)
    Cooperating entity: Fondo Ítalo Peruano

    This project aimed at incorporating adolescents in the creation of coordinated plans that would consider their demands and initiatives. The project promoted the development of leadership among them and the building of viable solutions to gender inequality and violence. The intervention strategy focused on the strengthening of student councils, the formation of youth networks, and the influence on local plans and distribution of resources.

Outcomes of the Program

  • 400 leaders of school municipalities in San Juan de Lurigancho (Lima) strengthened their citizen participation in the public and political sphere.
  • 50 leaders of school municipalities achieved the approval of two projects for the prevention of violence in the District Participatory Budget process of San Juan de Lurigancho (Lima).  
  • In the district of San Juan de Lurigancho, 20 educational institutions implemented coexistence plans with the active participation of student councils.
  • After the intervention, 20 authorities in San Juan de Lurigancho considered in their budget actions that promote nonviolence and gender equity relations among adolescents.
    CONCAUSA, Liderazgo y empoderamiento para un mejor país
    SOMOS, Grupo de líderes y lideresas de la IE Benito Juárez, del distrito de San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima, Perú; desde nuestra participación en espacios distritales como representantes de municipios escolares hicimos conciencia de nuestros problemas: captación de niñas para explotación sexual, inducirlas/os a las drogas, alto índice de embarazo,
    CONCAUSA, Liderazgo y empoderamiento para un mejor país

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    CONCAUSA, Liderazgo y empoderamiento para un mejor país

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    ¡Alza tu voz contra el bullying!